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Sails of War is an action heavy, fast paced, combat game. Rooted in history and realism it aims to deliver a fun gameplay experience. Players take control over period tall ships with the goal to outmaneuver and sink the enemy vessels.

About Portside Interactive

Portside Interactive is an indie and micro studio. Spearheaded by 3D artist Lukas Stratmann and coder Tobias Moos we are currently working on our first game Sails of War. With an aim to make entertaining and full products and a love for PC gaming we have set our goal to building a community and deliver a wide range of games. Both Lukas and Tobias, with a background in multiplayer online games development, are keen to explore new and different designs, as well as more story driven gameplay. Our hopes for Sails of War are to create a fun and well made game, and to enable us to dive deeper into our eventual ideas of atmospheric and more emotional games.

About Sails of War

With Sails of War we set out create a fun, fast paced, action heavy game multiplayer game. Without any of the annoying grinding or leveling of most modern games our goal is to bring an experience of a couple fun rounds with friends – without having to worry about research trees, unlocks or differing add-ons. Players get to captain one of 4 different type of ship ranging from small cutter to large ship-of-the-lines. Each vessels is different, some are fast and nimble, others are heavy and well armoured.

Concept Art

download all screenshots & concept art as .zip (37MB)

There are far more images available for Sails of War, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

download logo files as .zip (632KB)

Development Team

Lukas Stratmann
3D Art, Game Design & additional Code

Tobias Moos
Code & Game Design

Sails of War Development Blog
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Concept Art by Marius Janusonis
Freelance concept artist. http://www.artofmarius.com/.

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